MongoDB Courses

I’m in the end of (taking) online MongoDB class: actually, it’s one of the best online classes I ever took. Short, dynamic video lectures, quiz in the end of almost every lecture, automatically graded homework every week.

It’s MongoDB for developers class, whenever console mongo is not enough, python is used (pymongo). Python (as a language) is funny, but easy ot understand (seems similar to Pascal to me, not enough syntactic sugar), perfect choice for learning.

They will be giving this course again on 21st of January 2013. A modified version of the course that uses Java as its implementation language, M101J, will start on February 25th. Also there would be MongoDB for DBAs course in the January.

The courses are given by 10gen Company, the one which actually stands behind MongoDB. Here you go: company website, online courses website.

Finally, distant education is able to replace what is called “career enhancement training”. Actually, it goes over and above: you don’t need to travel, you don’t need to spend much time at once, you can take them slowly, couple of hours per day.

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