Confession of the occasional blogger

I think I’ve came up with the most ridiculous excuse for not updating my blog for almost six years. I would even speculate that this excuse is so good that it qualifies for the procrastinating bloggers playoffs and ends up being at least a runner-up there. Excuse is this: I don’t like wordpress.

See, I believe that the purpose of human being is to fight chaos and to put things in order, organize them in any way possible. Blogging can be part of that, but it should be a responsible blogging. And wordpress is just a nightmare: what if I install the plugin that has some vulnerability and someone hacks it and turns my server into a vert active participant of some russian bot net? What if choose the theme that will pollute my website with spammy links and in the end destroy all the SEO work I did for my blog?

You see, blogging with a wordpress is not a responsible blogging. Unless you develop all the plugins yourself, design and code the theme yourself (we’ve got another candidate for that procrastinating bloggers award), but what about vulnerabilities in the wp_core? And if you are going to develop all of that yourself, why bother with wordpress in the first place?

So, I’ve decided to end this procrastinating mess of blogging by the only way possible: doing something about it.

In other words: I am going to update this blog.

There are two main reasons why I am so fearless about it:
1) English is not my native language and while I claim I’m fluent in it, I can always play the ‘non-native-speaker’ defense if I post something stupid.
2) I believe that 6 years is a period long enough for all the readers to abandon even such a thrilling blog like mine. Blogging for zero audience is responsible enough.

Why am I going to do it?
Well, I can’t let this domain expire for multiple reasons. I don’t want to kill the posts I put here before because I’m a firm believer into net integrity, and I don’t want random visitors to see latest post dated to 2015 and making their causeless assumptions. So, the only choice I have is to keep blogging.

Another reason to do it: I need to practice my English.

- install letsencrypt certificate;
- upgrade wordpress (not sure I want to do it);
- decide on whether I need comments or not; if I do then how to bring them back without having those russian bot nets submitting automatic spam comments;
- post something besides this yackety yak.

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  • petruchek

    Apparently, nothing needs to be done to the comments: disqus is still here waiting for nobody to comment on nothing.

  • petruchek

    Today is an anniversary of this post; well done on updating.

    Unrelated: Happy Programmer’s Day to WIMC.