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Format file size

Code snippet to output number of bytes with unknown capacity: function format_filesize($bytes)  {     if ($bytes == 0)         return ’0.00 B’;     $s = array(‘B’, ’Kb’, ’MB’, ’GB’, ’TB’, ’PB’);     $e = floor(log($bytes)/log(1024));     return sprintf(‘%.2f ’.$s[$e], ($bytes/pow(1024, floor($e)))); } I don’t know the author of this code.

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Curl — change your IP address

If you have multiple IP addresses and you want to make curl request using non-default IP, you can do it by setting CURLOPT_INTERFACE option: curl_setopt ($ch, CURLOPT_INTERFACE, ’′); This will work only if you really have that another IP. If you do … Continue reading

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